Annapurna Aroma Company Pvt. Ltd. is an agricultural company mainly established with the aim of answering a question how valuable natural resources of our country can be optimally utilized, which is well known for its own abundant natural resources, and strengthening the rural population by improving their social and economic status

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Prabodh Satyal, M.Sc (Scientific Advisor)

Mr. Satyal is the scientific advisor of Annapurna Aroma Pvt. Ltd. which he conceived during his research into the essential oil of Nepal for his Ph.D thesis. He has established international collaboration between researchers in Nepal, China and the United States allowing for the study of more than 150 aromatic plants. His main goal is to produce and provide quality essential oils needed for various usage including but not limited to: aroma-therapeutics, flavor and fragrance production, insecticide and pesticides.

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